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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Abacus: Concourse pipelines

If you work with Cloud Foundry you noticed that most of the development is powered by Concourse CI.

Abacus has 3 Concourse pipelines

Test pipeline

This pipeline builds Abacus and runs tests against Pouch, Couch and Mongo. The last step is to deploy Abacus on Cloud Foundry with in-memory PouchDB as a smoke test.

Future plans: automatic promotion of changes from develop to master branch so we can ensure that master is always stable.

Deploy pipeline

Deploys Abacus large profile and:
  • creates and binds DB service to Abacus applications
  • maps a route to each Abacus collector and reporting instance

The pipeline uses route mapping to get enable monitoring of a specific Abacus instances through CF router.

Abacus configuration is externalized in abacus-config directory that should be provided to the pipeline. The pipeline supports templates to
  • automatically fill the application manifest.yml files
  • extract sensitive information in one central place

Future plans: blue-green deployment.

Monitoring pipeline

Pings all Abacus applications using OPTIONS request. Sets up Grafana dashboard and reports the result in Riemann.


Future plans: pull more metrics from Abacus.

All pipelines work with custom Docker images we build with the Dockerfiles here.
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