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Monday, September 07, 2015 and your home dd-wrt router

I installed Cloud Foundry on my old 8-core Linux box. Everything went fine to the point where I tried to access the installation. 

Targeting the API failed with "host not found". I tried to  dig but this failed.

The DNS settings on my machine came from my home router flashed with DD-WRT. I checked the DNS servers and found out that I'm using my Internet Provider's DNS servers. Blaming them I added Google's as a third address.

I restarted the router and the computer (just in case) but the problem persisted. Searching the net provided me with a clue that DD-WRT has a problem with external DNS providers. I went for a solution that would enable only to resolve host names, so I would have a good protection against attacks.

However it turned out that adding to DD-WRT's DNSMasq config caused the DD-WRT DNS to stop functioning.

In the end it turned out that DD-WRT for my router does not seem to work correctly with custom DNSMasq config and a lot of people also suggested that.

So I ended up setting No DNS Rebind to Disable in the Services menu of DD-WRT.

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