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Monday, March 07, 2011

Git Notifier on Windows

Git Notifier is a tool that can keep you up to date with what's going on in a Git repository. Unfortunately it seems that it's only for MacOS. Until this evening...

...when I decided to give Google a try and searched for Growl without removing Windows from my previous search. It turned out that Growl has Windows port so the task of having notifications for Git commits on my desktop moved from the dusty "nearly impossible" corner in my mind to "doable".

So I installed:

The next big step was to download Git Notifier just to find out that it utilized RubyGem. Cygwin does not provide Gem so I had to install it manually.  An easy task as it turned out:
  1. Download RubyGem
  2. Install it using "ruby setup.rb" as described in RubyGems User Guide

Now that I had RubyGem I went straight to installing the Notifier.
gem install git-notifier --source

Starting Git Notifier however turned out unsuccessful since this tool brings several dependencies:
  • ruby-growl
  • growl
  • daemons

Simply installing the dependencies did the trick:
gem install ruby-growl growl daemons

The rest is up to you. A good start would be to autostart Growl as well as git-notifier :)

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